Roblox Jailbreak Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ROBLOX JAILBREAK is an Android game with a release date of 6.1.2017 from Roblox Corporation. Game genre: Adventure. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ‘answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, check the Wise Geek website more often.

oblox Jailbreak: Codes (Codes, promotional codes)

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Use codes at ATMs to earn free cash, tokens, buy new cars, aircrafts, etc. To redeem codes, go to the bank, train station, gas station or police station and find an ATM machine (screenshot below). As soon as you approach it, you will see the following screen:

The codes are not case sensitive, so you can enter JAILBREAKHD or jailbreakhd, it doesn’t matter. Even if the code has expired (if the tab has expired, it displays N / A), you can still use it

Click on the input line, enter the code in it and confirm it by clicking “Redeem”. List of codes:

  • stayhealthy – 5,000 cash;
  • minimustang – 10,000 cash;
  • feb2020 – 10,000 cash;
  • onehour – 25,000 cash;
  • leaves – 5,000 cash
  • threebillionparty – 3 billion tires
  • SuperReader – 3,000 cash;
  • refreshed – 7,500 cash;
  • jetmissiles – 10,000 cash;
  • reachforthesky – 7,500 cash;
  • Facebook1,000 – 5,000 cash;
  • JAILBREAKHD – 3,000 cash;
  • test – 1,000 cash;
  • thankyou – 2,500 cash;
  • QUANTUM – 5,000 cash;
  • light – 2,500 cash;
  • expertreader – 5,000 cash;
  • royale – 1 royal token;
  • firefighter – 5,000 cash;
  • MovieMint – 6,500 cash
  • DISCO – 7,000 cash.

Codes become outdated quickly. Do not forget to visit our site – Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new game gift codes. Don’t miss out as some of the codes are for a limited time!

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Roblox Jailbreak: Secrets of a Successful Prison Break

1. Escape with a key card and ventilation. We approach the guard and hold E for several seconds, we have a key card. Next, we follow to the dining room and see the door (see screenshot above). We open it and observe the ventilation. Then we climb up there and go out onto the roof, from the roof we jump over to the tower (wall) and run.

2. Escape through the gate. We run to the police building and see a sign that says: “Please don’t hit me” (see screenshot above). We hit the shield a couple of times and the gate is open. We run further and see the fence. We hold E for a couple of seconds and crawl under the fence. Then we run up to the guard booth, there is a tunnel. We crawl again and you escaped.

3. Escape with a trampoline. We run up to the trampoline, start jumping on it, when you jumped, press “Z” and fall onto the trampoline. The trampoline throws you up and you fly towards the roof. If you flew onto the roof, then jump over to the wall.

4. Escape with a weapon. Become a police officer and put the weapon in the box where there are usually cameras for criminals (the main thing is to remember where you put them. The best place is the stairs or the policeman’s cell). Then become a prisoner and take the weapon from the box. Shoot the cops and get a card. Then you choose yourself with the help of this card.

5. Escape through the sewers. Go to the gate, which is between the police building and the Red one, there we see a black hatch, we approach and “open” it. Then we fall and go to other stairs. We go up. You escaped!Be careful, as the policeman may be standing on the hatch when you go up.

Roblox Jailbreak: Police

The police are one of two teams that you can play as. The main task of the police officer is to keep prisoners within the walls of the prison and find criminals before they rob or steal anything from shops and buildings. Those discovered during the jailbreak are placed back in the cells from which they escaped by any necessary means, such as a stun gun.

Inventory. At night, the police can appear at Police Station 1, Police Station 2, or at the Security Office in the cell block. The police carry items in their inventory:

  1. Pistol;
  2. Handcuffs;
  3. Stun gun;
  4. Key card;
  5. Donut.

The daily salary is $ 500 ($ 600 if you have a VIP Gamepass) which is issued every morning at 5:00. The police are notified whenever a robbery or theft occurs, with the exception of the Museum (unless the alarm is triggered).

Arrest. The police can arrest prisoners if they:

  • Are in restricted areas;
  • They punched the power supply unit once;
  • Shot a police officer or hit another player;
  • They stole from a policeman;
  • Have an item other than a stun gun or handcuffs.

After some time, the accused will become innocent again if he manages to avoid arrest within a certain period of time.

If the police try to shoot or arrest an innocent prisoner, they will be notified in the lower right corner of the screen and will lose $ 25. In addition, at the top of the screen, the police are warned to stop shooting or arrest innocent prisoners.

Punishment of the officer. A police officer himself becomes a punishment if:

  • Kill an innocent prisoner or harm 4 prisoners with a weapon;
  • Will try to arrest innocent prisoners 4 times.

Advice. Police officers usually “set up camp” or “ambush” the following locations:

  1. Camaro Spawn Prison;
  2. Jewerely store;
  3. Bank;
  4. Museum;
  5. Criminal bases;
  6. Collectors.

Police officers can lure prisoners into the following restricted areas:

  1. Police Station 1;
  2. Collectors;
  3. Visitors building;
  4. Security Office;
  5. Outside the prison.

Roblox Jailbreak: Prisoners

Prisoners are one of three teams that you can play as. This is also the team you first appear in the game on. However, you can change it. The main goal of the prisoner is to escape from prison and become a crime while avoiding the police. Once they escape, their new mission is to rob or steal by freely exploring the map, buying and driving a vehicle while avoiding being arrested by the police. krnl exploit download

Getting a card. You can get a key card by stealing it from a police officer. You can either steal it and risk being arrested, or bribe (give cash) to a police officer who will give you 45 seconds to steal an employee’s card without being arrested by him. You can also get a gun or a donut. It is also very unlikely that you can get $ 50. Sometimes a police officer throws a key card when he is killed.

Obtaining weapons. Getting weapons in prison can be quite difficult. There are two ways to get a weapon though.

  • Police pocket. There is a chance that you will receive a pistol instead of a key card.
  • Access the Security Office or Police Station 1 by having a map, following a police officer to this location, or following another prisoner / criminal (who has a key card) to this location. If you manage to get your hands on a weapon, you can kill the cops. There is a small chance that they will discard the key card.

If a police officer shoots or attempts to arrest an innocent prisoner, he will be given a warning, and if an innocent prisoner dies, the police officer will become a prisoner himself. This can be very helpful if the prison team is full.

Roblox Jailbreak: Crime

Criminals are a team of escaped prisoners who are planning robberies and trying to make money in order to buy vehicles, customizations, weapons or rent apartments, and avoid arrest. After a successful jailbreak, you are automatically transferred to a criminal group. But don’t fold, because it will teleport you back to the prison where you will become a prisoner! Now that you are out of jail, you can live a free life while avoiding the police.The maximum number of players in a team of prisoners and criminals is 16. If you try to join the prisoners when their team is full, you will receive a notification: “This team is full”.

Weapon. Criminals have two bases where you can pick up weapons. You can also take off your prison overalls or take a car. Criminals have access to pistols, shotguns, AK-47s and Uzi. If they own the BOSS Pass, they will receive the Rifle, Wraith, and BOSS outfits. However, the gun costs $ 1000 in-game money, if you want to get it in Gun Shops, the AK47 costs $ 15,000 and the Uzi is $ 25,000, they can only be bought and collected from Gun Shops.

Reward. When you start looting various locations like Gas Station 1 and steal precious artifacts from the Museum, you will receive a reward. Killing a police officer will enlarge her. But with a high reward, higher salary. The cops can get your bounty by arresting you or if you run away next to them.

Keep in mind that players can get the top reward for the top criminals (most wanted) board. There are two such boards in the game. One in jail and the other in police station 2. The bounty GUI will only show when you are a crime. You can still get the reward as a prisoner by killing cops, but you cannot view it. Thus, the higher the generosity, the higher the likelihood of being stalked by the police.The police will hunt the criminals for whom the biggest reward is given. The more you rob, the higher the reward for you. Be careful.

Roblox Jailbreak: Script

What is a Script? A script is an instance of a base class that contains a place section. It is coded in Lua but with additional changes. Once executed, scripts are usually launched automatically and have access to the events and properties of the place. Scripts have the ability to work inside a Workspace or ServerScriptService. This is how the script icon looks like:

Scripts are fundamental to Roblox Studio, and they are at the heart of creating placements. All placements are launched through several scripts that are simultaneously streamed, which allows developers to run other objects on top of scripts.

Features of the Script. The script has an infinite number of lines that it can hold at a given time. The indentation of each line is predetermined by its previous lines. For example, if the previous line consists of function, Lua can indent the next line to make the formatting of such scripts look readable on reload. In turn, the script will add “end” to the next line.

Types of scripts. There are 2 types of scripts:

  1. Server Scripts. Deals with server-side events such as leaderboards. Server-side scripts can only access server-side events and properties. That is, the server-side script cannot access the player’s graphical interface as well as the client itself. However, they may be able to interact with local scripts to manipulate the player as needed. This is done using remote events and remote functions. Server scripts can only access the Workspace and ServerScriptService.
  2. Local Scripts. They work on internal data. That is, local scripts have the ability to manipulate the local player, as well as access client events and properties. Thus, local scripts are mainly used when working with the player, for example, with the camera. However, they may be able to interact with server-side scripts to access server events through the RemoteEvents communication.

Roblox Jailbreak: Weapon Review

Weapons are one of the ways to rob. or self-defense in the game. At the beginning of the game, you are given one free weapon – a pistol. The rest of the weapons can be unlocked only through robaxes, or through dollars in the game (and not all weapons can be bought for dollars).

Uzi. The Uzi is a rapid-fire, powerful submachine gun. Very effective at close range. Added in the Fire update, it is available in Gun Shop 1 and Gun Shop 2 for $ 25,000, making it the second most expensive weapon in the game. It holds 15 bullets in the magazine and deals 9 damage per bullet, with the potential to deal 135 damage per magazine.

The Uzi fires approximately every 0.1 seconds, making it the fastest ranged weapon in the game. In addition, it has a 1 – 1.5 second cooldown, which is currently the fastest cooldown in the game. Its high damage output and fast reload speed make it a very useful weapon, definitely worth the price. Statistics:

  • Damage – 9 (5 stars);
  • Spectrum – near and far (5 stars);
  • Accuracy – above average (4 stars);
  • Speed – 1 round in 1 second (5 stars);
  • Ammunition – 15 rounds (3 stars);
  • Cooldown – 1-1.5 seconds (5 stars).

Rocket launcher. The Rocket Launcher is a powerful explosive high damage weapon capable of dealing up to 76 damage at close range and a moderate amount of damage at medium to long range. Its main disadvantage is that you have to buy your own ammo, unlike all other weapons that provide ammo for free.

The rocket launcher costs $ 50,000 at gun stores, but additional rockets cost $ 10,000 for a 10-pack. Rocket Missile’s high damage and explosive radius make it a good weapon, but very expensive if used frequently. The only explosive weapon in the game besides rockets or grenades. Statistics:

  • Damage – From 0 to 76, depending on how far the target is from the explosion (5 stars);
  • Spectrum – Infinite (5 stars);
  • Accuracy – Mediocre (3 stars)
  • Speed – 160 rpm (2 stars);
  • Ammunition – 10 rockets (2 stars).

Pistol. The Pistol, also known as the Desert Eagle, is a free semi-automatic pistol that is extremely easy to get around the map. This is a very useful weapon in various situations. For example, a pistol can be used in combination with a shotgun to quickly kill opponents due to its high damage and relatively fast rate of fire. However, the pistol has a small magazine capacity of only 8 rounds, and on top of that it has a rather slow reload time. It is not as reliable as a primary weapon, but it serves as an excellent secondary weapon. Statistics:

  • Damage – 15 (4 stars);
  • Spectrum – near and middle (2 stars);
  • Accuracy – good (3 stars);
  • Speed – 160 rpm (2 stars);
  • Ammunition – 8 rounds (3 stars);
  • Cooldown – 1.5 seconds (5 stars).

Rifle. The rifle, also known as the Assault Rifle, Machine Gun, SWAT Rifle, or M4A1, is a powerful automatic rifle similar to the AK-47 that can deal a lot of damage over a relatively short period of time. It can only be obtained by having SWAT Gamepass or BOSS Gamepass. High accuracy, good amount of cartridges and decent rate of fire make the rifle an excellent weapon, the only drawback of which is the method of obtaining. Statistics:

  • Damage – 6 (1 star);
  • Spectrum – medium and far (4 stars);
  • Accuracy – decent (3 stars);
  • Speed – 900 rpm (5 stars);
  • Ammunition – 30 shells (5 stars);
  • Cooldown – 1.5 seconds (5 stars).

AK-47. AK47 Ranged Rifle, also known as “Crime Rifle” or “Type 56”, is a high damage, low rate of fire automatic rifle similar to an exclusive rifle. Only costs $ 15,000 at Gun Shops. The AK47 is useful in close to medium range situations where its accuracy proves useful against enemies with weapons such as a shotgun or pistol that are more focused at close range.

It has a slower rate of fire than the Uzi or Rifle. This is compensated by the fact that he has high damage, dealing 7 HP per bullet. Not only that, it has a magazine size equal to that of a rifle, which makes it very similar statistically. It takes 15 bullets, or half a magazine, to kill an enemy at full health, but overall it’s a very balanced weapon and a great weapon to use. Statistics:

  • Damage – 7 (4 stars);
  • Spectrum – middle and far (5 stars);
  • Accuracy – decent (3 stars);
  • Speed – 700 rpm (4 stars);
  • Ammunition – 30 shells (5 stars);
  • Cooldown – 1.5 seconds (5 stars).

Revolver. The Revolver is one of the free weapons in the game. The model contains a cylinder with 6 bullets and a huge barrel. Oddly enough, this weapon does not have a trigger. Despite the small number and size of bullets in the store, this weapon can take a quarter of the player’s health (excluding the blocking of damage with the police shield). Although its reload time is longer than that of other weapons, its accuracy is high, which perfectly increases the chances of hitting the player with accurate aiming. In experienced hands, a player can kill another in just 4 hits without misses. Statistics:

  • Damage – 25 (5 stars);
  • Spectrum – closer to the average (3 stars);
  • Accuracy – high (5 stars);
  • Speed – 200 rpm (2 stars);
  • Ammunition – 6 bullets (2 stars);
  • Cooldown 1.8 seconds (4 stars).

Roblox Jailbreak: Useful Items Review

Lantern. The flashlight can be found in Police Station 1 and Police Station 2 on the armory wall. He can also be found by the radio tower near the stairs. It emits rather bright light and is not very useful in not very dark environments. To use it, left click while it is in your inventory and left click again to turn it off. Can be used by any faction. This item has been criticized for not being particularly useful to most people, as jailbreak nights are not dark enough to make this tool effective.

Donut. When you go to the donut shop, the seller will give you a pink donut. The donut can be eaten – this will remove it from your inventory. Donuts heal the player for 20. health. However, you can only eat one donut at a time. It is always recommended to have a donut for emergencies, like robbing a location with low HP (like a museum, bank, etc.) or low HP in a gun battle. There is a bug – when you quickly click on a donut, it heals you completely. Donuts heal the police more than criminals.

Electrocutioner. A stun gun is a non-lethal electrically charged weapon that, if hit, will paralyze a hostile prisoner or criminal for 7 seconds. The reboot time of the stun gun is quite long (4 seconds). Accuracy is the highest level to compensate for long reload times. When spawning as a police officer, the stun gun will automatically be in the third slot of your inventory, although this can be changed using the reordering on the hotbar. Statistics:

  • Damage – 0;
  • Spectrum – close to the middle range (2 stars);
  • Accuracy – Very Accurate (5 Stars)
  • Speed – once every 8 seconds (1 star);
  • Ammunition – 1 charge (1 star);
  • Cooldown – 4 seconds (1 star).

This is probably the most effective weapon for the police, with the exception of handcuffs. This item is often used to find out if a prisoner is innocent or not. Doesn’t work against a player inside a vehicle.

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